Doc Depot's Charlotte office building

North Carolina

9101 Kings Parade Blvd, Ste 102
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

Doc Depot's Williston office building

Williston , South Carolina

12150 Main St
Williston, South Carolina 29853

Doc Depot's data center

Doc Depot Data Center

1401 Main Street , Suite 700
Columbia, South Carolina 29201

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Doc Depot's promotional infographic

Welcome To The Doc Depot

The Doc Depot, Inc. is the nation's largest medical document and record retrieval service, specializing in increased efficiency and accuracy in the management of medical office documentation. With healthcare awareness at a heightened state and medical care evolving, we realize that it is imperative for healthcare businesses to run tight operations, provide excellent customer care and take advantage of bottom line savings. The Doc Depot can help you maximize profitability while running your business more efficiently.

Our staff is fully trained in the DME Industry. Every staff member handles both patient and physician projects, whether short or long term. Our services are comprehensive and include live verification and full documentation within our complete reporting system

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This Logo Identifies
2013 Competitive Bidding Winners

Great things happening with The Doc Depot

TDD Prepares for Medicare Competitive Bidding Changes

TDD Participates in Relay For Life 2013

Congressman Wilson visits Williston, SC office

Cobras Partner with The Doc Depot

The Doc Depot and it's employees stay involved with positive issues and activities that impact our communities.

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